Tasting Room Hours (from 26th September 2015)

Open Saturdays and Sundays from 12 noon until dusk 6 pm - whichever is the later. Weekday visitors are also welcome but should phone ahead ((858) 357-1741) to check availability since these are the days when vineyard and winery tasks are managed.

For wine tasting, you can choose from the seven wines currently available - 3 blends and 4 single varietales. All of these wines are 100% estate grown and bottled. You may choose to enjoy your tasting in the air-conditiond tasting room, the adjacent patio with a view of Mount Woodson or the secluded pergola.

At weekends we offer two distinct tour options:

Introductory tour (approx. 15 minutes).

This involves a brief description of the wine making process with little technical information other than that requested during questions from our visitors. Starting in the tasting room, you will visit the winery and ‘barrel room’ and then take a short diversion into the vineyard. On the way you will see the various outdoors areas where visitors can enjoy their picnic and relax with some Poppaea wine in addition to the fully air-conditioned/heated tasting room.

Technical tour (approx. 30 minutes).

The tour will follow the same course as the introductory tour but will include much more technical information describing the wine making process and how it is monitored. We shall have time to look inside the laboratory and understand how some critical parameters are measured to assist the wine maker in crucial enology decisions. In addition, we shall spend time in the vineyard assessing the growth and health of some of the vines before returning to the tasting room.